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Internet Freedom!

Fight for Freedom on the Internet

The Internet is the International Net and as such is free from the clutches of constraining laws of nation states and other parochial powers. Or at least that's what it's supposed to be; An environment where you have your freedom in a Utopia where there is no governmental control. This is at last a chance to have anarchy and an escape from state control. Although it's never quite been an ideal anarchy it's been close, as people are reasonable and considerate to each other generally.

It was assumed by some that this new found power that individuals had gained by online freedom would soon overthrow the rather old fashioned centralized law-based governments and nation states, or at least leave them sidelined. But what's happened is that the previously ruling centralized powers have been somewhat sneakily encroaching on online freedom and seeking to put an end to this obvious threat to their absolute power over people.

It's important that we stop the governments of countries like Cuba and China, exercising power over us online. In some ways the online situation has a similarity to the American War of Independence where the New World refused to be governed by the Old World and eventually cast out colonial rule ("no taxation without representation").

(It has to be admitted that the New World later became the pro-establishment conservative government of the USA and in many ways as bad as the old British Empire, but there was a time in-between in which there really was some freedom!)

Don't be fooled by government propaganda. If they go on about "freedom", it's often just politician talk, not real freedom. Check what you are really free to do. Are you free to choose what drugs you take? And are you free to say what you want, to look how you want? Are you allowed to drive fast? Are you allowed to build what you want on land that you own? Can you even vote against all the people who make up arbitrary oppressive laws, or is it a choice of A versus B where A=B?!

Looking at the actual geographical world, despite what the nations want you to believe, they do not rule the world. No-one has control of the world. It's in reality an Anarchy. The way it works is that entities have diplomacy with each other and remain on good terms as much as possible without trouble. Up until recently, this kind of thing was only open the prerogative of nations, but now with this New World of the Internet, we the individuals all have some power. We are each our own personal country. We can get on quite well with each other and have a consensus of reasonableness.

So, instead of being told what we can and can't do, by some power that has some fake claim of a right to rule, either by divine right of kings or by some bogus idea of democracy, we can do what we want to do, provided it's reasonable. (Most people are reasonable).

Now look, I'm not suggesting we have a worldwide uprising and revolution and overthrow all these nation governments right now, (although I have heard some people say that would be best!), but I am suggesting that we should keep a close eye on what the governments are up to. I think they are insidiously trying to erode any freedoms we might have got, and as I am a paranoid myself I suspect there is a sinister plot by the governments who would quite like to push us back to the old days when people were slaves to a hierarchical ruler ship which claimed to have been put there by God or the Party!

It's by far not a foregone conclusion that we the individuals will win nor than the governmental powers will win. It is a matter of how much apathy there is about. It's important to assert individual powers and liberties now, before it's too late.

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