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About Us

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Founded in 2006, is a not-for-profit membership organization whose mission is to raise awareness of Cuba's naval and maritime heritage and the role seafaring has played in shaping our history and culture, through publications, educational programs, and the preservation of historical documents.

Today, our organization is supported by a small but active membership, and all who cherish our seafaring heritage are invited to join.

 Our visitors want to read both current and historical information about Naval and Maritime  events in Cuba and sometimes they have a point of view, which they wish to respectfully express and discuss. We welcome that.  By inviting comments and aggregating a balance of views all on one site, we hope to explore a wide range of thoughts.

We publish articles, notes and photos about Cuban Naval and Maritime Heritage    We are the most complete source of information on the Internet in reference to the Cuban Merchant Marine, The Cuban Navy, The Naval Academy of Cuba and the Naval and Maritime History of Cuba.

The opinions of our visitors expressed in their articles or messages  are their opinions and not necessarily those of the editors of the Circulo Naval.
We invite any person with the same interest in the Naval and Maritime matters in Cuba or the Caribbean Sea to participate with us by sending us a message to:

Thank you.


Capt. Andrés Vázquez

Marchant  Marine

  Capt. Henry D. Pino
  Capt. Juan C.
Alberto Gutiérrez Barbero

Naval History:

Max Gómez
Capt. Roberto Llaneras
Orlando M. Delgado
Alberto Gutiérrez Barbero

Naval Academy:

Rafael Duyos
 Orlando M. Delgado
Alberto Gutiérrez Barbero

Public Relations:

Eng. Ted Curbelo       

News About Cuba

Eng. Julián H. Caballero

We gratefully appreciate the cooperation of Jorge de Guzman Chaple, Osvaldo Inguanzo, Lazaro E. Flores, Rolando Figueroa, and others who, for personal reasons prefer that their names not be mentioned.


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