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I.  Naval and Maritime History of Cuba 1492-1897

Activivity Document Author
Analysis The 1762 British Invasion of Havana Alberto Gutierrez Barbero
HistoryThe Corsairs of Santiago de Cuba Alfredo E. Figueredo

Galeon Santisima Trinidad

Havana-built Ships at the Battle of Trafalgar

The  Santísima Trinidad was the biggest ship-of-the-line ever, and was built at the Arsenal of Havana; she fought at the Battle of Trafalgar, where the following ships also built at the Arsenal of Havana took part: Los Santos Reyes (112 guns), San Pedro (80 guns), San Cristóbal (70 guns), and San Rafael (70 guns).

Havana-built ships at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805): Five ships-of-the-line taken from the Spanish Order of Battle: Santísima Trinidad (130 guns), built in 1769. Captured by the English during the Battle, she was on fire and sank in bad weather. Aboard were Admiral Hidalgo Cisneros and Commodore Francisco de Uriarte.

Los Santos Reyes, the 3rd ship known as Príncipe de Asturias (112 guns), built in 1793. She survived the Battle. She sank in Havana Harbor due to lack of careening in 1812. During the Battle, aboard were Admirals Carlos de Gravina and Antonio Escaño.

San Pedro, known as Rayo (80 guns), built in 1749. She sank due to damage received during bad weather a little after the Battle. Aboard was Commodore Enrique Macdonel.

San Cristóbal, known as Bahama (70 guns), built in 1780, captured by the English at Trafalgar. Aboard was her Captain Dionisio Galiano. San Rafael (70 guns), built in 1771; she was also lost at Trafalgar.

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