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Cuban Navy

Distrito Naval del Norte Marina de Guerra Cuba
Castillo de La Punta - Northern Naval District
La Habana Cuba

Cuban Flag

Crucero Cuba Buque Insignia Marina de Guerra Cuba
Crucero "Cuba"

HMS Manchester visiting Havana
HMS Manchester visiting Havana

Naval News

Israel to acquire sixth Dolphin sub.

 This is a revised version of a story published on 2 February. Israel and Germany have recently signed a contract finalizing the sale of a sixth Type 800 Dolphin-class diesel-electric attack submarine to Israel, according to Christian Schmidt, the German State Secretary of Defense.

Schmidt told Jane's on 2 February that the contract was signed in late December and that Berlin had agreed to heavily subsidize the cost, of these boats are heavily subsidized by the Heini and are very controversial.

Japan lays keel for 22DDH helicopter carrier.

A keel-laying ceremony for the first 22DDH helicopter carrier for the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) was held at IHI Marine United's (IHIMU's) Yokohama shipyard on 27 January.

The 24,000-tonne vessel, which will become the largest in the JMSDF inventory, is scheduled for delivery in late 2014, the shipbuilder said.

US cuts 16 ships from 2017 fleet

The US Navy's frontline force will consist of 16 fewer ships in five years than was originally planned, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert said on 4 February.

The current Future Years Defense Program provides for a 'battle force' of 285 ships in 2017 instead of the 301 ships that were anticipated in the navy's 2012 30-year shipbuilding plans

Spain outlines ambitions for F-110 frigate

The Spanish Navy and Navantia have disclosed details of requirements definition, concept study and technology demonstration work to scope out the projected F-110 frigate class.

The new class is currently intended to enter service from the early- to mid-2020s, offering a versatile and affordable surface combatant to replace the six legacy Santa Maria-class frigates.

HAVANA — The first British warship to visit Cuba since before the 1959 revolution sailed into Havana Bay Monday november 15, 2010, where it was greeted by a Cuban Navy band playing "God Save the Queen."

With its colors flying and bright red Sea Dart missiles poised on deck, the destroyer HMS Manchester pulled into port opposite Old Havana, the historic center of the Cuban capital, at the start of a five-day visit to the Communist-led island.

In recent years the Cuban Navy has nearly ceased to exist.
All submarines, frigates, minecrafts, patrol vessels and amphibious crafts are reported to be non-operational, derelicts, permanently moored, hulked, etc.

Many vessels listed are probably inoperable, and the decline in Cuban forces is expected to continue without end.


The Argentine government will build a submarine with nuclear propulsion. This was confirmed by the minister of defense, Nilda Garré, to

Political News, La Nación, Thursday, 3 June 2010, by Daniel Gallo.
Exclusive for The Government has decided to build a submarine with nuclear propulsion. This was confirmed by the minister of defense, Nilda Garré, to during a press conference at Edificio Libertador.

"Argentina cannot remain at the margins of this technology," said Garré, explaining the political determination to move forward in the use of nuclear energy as a propulsion system for warships.

Brazil announced a year ago its work seeking to build its nuclear submarine. In this connection, the government of Lula da Silva signed an agreement with France. The Argentine project will be based on the technology developed by Invap. Nuclear weapons are not contemplated, but only the use of energy in ships, in a five-year plan.

By Alfredo E. Figueredo

The Cuban Navy

Cuban Navy Ships

To see the Cuban naval ships circa 1959's click the following link:

Cuban Naval Ships Circa 1959

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