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“The right to express your thoughts and verbal opinions in writing or in any other form, is the first and most invaluable right. It can not even be suppressed by law.”  
- Simón Bolívar-

 Place of meeting for seamen and technical personnel involved with Cuba and the Caribbean Sea.

  Welcome Aboard. 

This Web page is dedicated to all seamen and sea professionals that navigate or work in the Caribbean Basin, it is a vehicle that informs everything that affects our profession and to maintain alive the flame of fraternity between all sea lovers.  This Web page, though created and maintained by a single individual, is largely a collaborative and volunteer effort.  Talented officers, crewmen and sea lovers helped it succeed through their submissions.  Everyone has a different reason for finding information and news in the, and although it was built mostly as a means to unify officers and crewmen from Cuba, it is clearly also valuable for other reasons that weren’t anticipated.

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